Everyone Is Blogging Today!

It seems like everyone is a blogger today, and everyone has their preference as to which is the best software to use.

In this category, I share with you some of the basics, software other Content management systems that you may or may not know about.

The fun part about blogging is, you get to share your opinion with the rest of the world. Even if no one can find your blog, one day they will.

Good morning Glenn Burks here from  GlennBurks.com. Today I wanted to go over this new plug-in that I have tried to use AmpForWP. As you can see here (in the video) it’s fairly pricey for a plug-in, in fact quite pricey, when you get all the features and everything plugged in. The issue is you [...]

After a long weekend on Tuesday I sat down to work on one of my websites. I logged in and  found that there were several updates needed for the website CMS, Yoast 7.6 was one of them. One of those updates was Yoast 7.5.3 to Yoast 7.6. So of course I dutifully and I should [...]

Now that Mollum has entered it’s end of life what’s next?  What is an effective solution? Mollum is gone, now what? Try CleanTalk! Comment spam can make a life of a webmaster horrible. Having to sift and sort through all of those comments on a daily basis just drags you down and gets very tiring. [...]

Some times the least obvious things will cause us the most grief while building or modifying our websites. I like running Wordpress using Thesis as the foundation behind the site. I had decided to convert one of my sites still running Thesis 1.8 to version 2.6. I had built this site many years ago and [...]

W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugins I’ve found for wordpress. Yet, at first glance it can seem overwhelming to setup. But, it’s not really all that hard. Recently I’d moved this site from Drupal to Wordpress which went pretty smooth except for a few small issues with the comments which I wrote [...]

…Moving this site from Drupal back to Wordpress which I had alluded to in a previous post. Thankfully there is alot already written about this on the internet. For some odd reason during the move the threaded comments ended up out of order. Coupled with some but not all of my replies where not attached [...]

Moving from Drupal

After almost two years of running this site on Drupal 6, I finally came to the realization in late may it was time to move it back to Wordpress and Thesis. What brought me to this decision was more than just the upkeep associated with running a simple blog on Drupal… It also had to [...]

Database Driven Websites

Web Design

PHP and MySql websites comprise most of what we’ve talked about when it comes to blogs and cms systems. With both of these systems the overhead on the web server becomes and issue. If the site should become very large and have lots of visitors simultaneously making request it will slow down the entire system. [...]

Combination Static – Blog

What do I mean when I say, static – blog? Since you can install blog software like wordpress into a subdirectory or into a folder making it part of your original website. This allows you to use one domain name which you may already have good ranking with. Your can see examples of this at [...]

Content Management Systems

  CMS or Content Management Systems are something that is kind of new but really it’s not new. Generally before you would pay an exorbitant price for a CMS system as they truly are scalable from a simple one person website to large enough for a corporate or news website. Generally when it comes to [...]

Blogs And Software

Can A Blog Be Your Primary WebSite? This is an emphatic yes it can. Todays blog software has really progressed in a rapid fashion as to it’s capabilities. Setting up a blog website can range from simply easy to well lets say don’t try this at home, yet we should not be afraid of it. [...]

What Is CSS

The basic purpose of cascading style sheets (CSS) is presentation. In the early days of the internet, with the advent of graphical web browsers designers ran into challenges with the presentation of web pages. In the early years control was in the hands of the user – visitors to the websites and the different emerging [...]

What Is Html

Hyper Text Markup Language is instructions give to your web browser so that instead of seeing ones and zero’s you see this page that your viewing. Learning html can really drive you crazy especially when things go wrong and trust me they will. Often in the beginning I would spend days trying to figure out [...]

Static Websites

What is it? A static website is just that, you write your material just as you would in any word processor upload it as a .html or .htm webpage. Creating pages has it’s advantages and disadvantages. The majority of websites found on the internet fall into this class. Advantages of Static Sites. Static sites are [...]

Building Websites

Do you really need A WebSite? If you plan to market both online and offline the answer to that question is an emphatic yes. The next question is should you use someone else’s system or your own? I believe this is where most people run into trouble. Using someone else’s system take a lot of [...]

Ninety-nine percent of the time installing a security update for Drupal 6 is a painless process, it just works. Not this time. At this point in time I have to say installing Ctools 6.x-1.4 and Panels 6.x-3.4 will break your site and evidently the maintainers do not care at all. Why would I say that? [...]

AT Koda Drupal 6 Theme

At the beginning of this month I wrote a post about Fusion or AdaptiveTheme and the Drupal 6 theme AT Koda. What I liked about the original design done by Kodamera and ported to Drupal by Adaptivethemes was the clean lines. In many ways it looked a lot like one of the early designs I [...]

Sometimes I think I know just enough about Drupal to be dangerous. In the next few weeks I’ll be posting a review on Drupal 6 Attachement Views by J. Ayen Green via PACKT publishing. I’ve played with the views module and I know I’ve just scratched the surface yet I can see that it has [...]

For the past month I’ve been looking at both of the Drupal Starter themes Fusion and Adaptivetheme. And, I should say I still have more questions than answers. I’ve been doing my research carefully as I want to move one of my websites, over 500+pages to Drupal. What I originally thought would be and easy [...]

Why Do You Blog?

Why does anyone blog? Usually, it is because we have something to say and we want to share it with the world. Everyone would love to have their content syndicated, right?

Today many blog websites content is being syndicated. But not in the way they would like for it to happen. We write simply because we want people to visit our sites.

So what happens when low-life degenerate decides to scrap your content, without providing at the least a back link to the original post?

Latest Mollom Update 6x-1-11

Ok so you know how when you get in a rush, and you install a Drupal Module update assuming everything will be ok.

If we only lived in a perfect world right.

The other day I updated the latest Drupal 6.x Mollom module release 1.11 on three different sites.

It was running late so I really didn’t check my work and ensure that everything was as it should be…

With most module updates if something is not working it’s not that serious and neither was this update, unless…

…You love getting comment spam.

Over the past two days I spent quite a few hours trying to figure out why the update for Backup and Migrate 2.2 would not save to the scheduled folder.

Since I had two sites and it was only occurring on one of them I knew it was not the module itself but more likely a permissions issue. This is where I spent most of my time, verifying the various folders permissions, ownership etc…

The Drupal module Backup and Migrate places an htaccess file in each of the folders, manual and scheduled, with:

order deny,allow
deny from all

Wow talk about a night mare, the newly releashed up date for the drupal 6 nodewords 1.7 update is creating havoc with many individuals.

And, yes I was one of them. At first I thought I was screwed because I did not do a backup immediately prior to updating the module.

As I set down to go through each page and post it suddenly dawned on me, dummy you’ve got the module Backup and Migrate installed.

Now it was just a matter of uploading nodewords 1.5 and then restoring the latest backup. Talk about dodging a bullet!

Technorati Authorization Page

I found it kind of Ironic that Technorati has stopped accepting pings to let them know about updates.

Yet, can you really blame them with the influx of blogs and many who use blogs for spam etc…

It was bound to happen, so now you have to create a post and upload it with the code embedded into the post so you can claim your blog.

This is nothing new, Google, Yahoo and others have been doing this for years so they can verify the true site owner. I often find my blog posts especially on this site hijacked by scrapers.

On Thanksgiving day, while waiting for the turkey to finish cooking I did some searching on the web. I was looking for a solution to make better use of the the categories in the wordpress Thesis theme.

While most people using Thesis will no doubt simply check the box that to not have the page indexed by the robots it kind of deletes the purpose of having those pages anyway.

This past week I finally had the time to sit down and work with my website Perfect-Business-CD that uses InsiteCreation 2010. Coming from static html sites, Wordpress and Drupal it has it’s learning curves. Primarily as to where everything is located, and how to configure it properly. I had actually started on the site back [...]

When it comes to choosing a theme for Drupal what is it that you look for in a theme?

Over the past three weeks I wanted to give one of my sites a new look. I looked at all the Drupal themes for version 6, there are quite a few that I found intriguing.

I had used a previous theme that had been converted from the wordpress theme Revolution Music by RoopleTheme. Since I had one of the developer packages for the Revolution theme I put the theme into use.

This past weekend I was searching for a way to take the recent posts block and have it display offset posts and limit it to 5 posts.
I found information on creating it by using php code inserted into a block, I was looking for something simpler.
The solution was to start leaning more about the Drupal Views module. So when in doubt it always pays to read the manual. In the Views tutorial there is a section titled "Create a block of author’s recent blog posts."

For a little more than a year now, I’ve been running Drupal on two of my websites, this site and my solar power site. Two of my other sites run Wordpress, along with my wife’s site.
What brought me to write this post was just a few of the observations I’ve made over the past year between the two platforms for delivering content. It really is an unfair comparison between them.

If you’re running Wordpress for you blog no doubt you’re getting blog comment spam on a daily basis. I never really thought to much about it Wordpress ships with Akismet.
While Akismet does a great job in catching most of the comment spam it still requires you to wade through all of the spam, and delete it.

I’ve had a few questions come in over the past few weeks, maybe it’s time I got around to responding. The latest question came in the form of what module do I use to have my graphics open in its own window.
I actually learned about it while doing research and training on web video. So it was nice to see that Drupal 5 and 6 had a module Lightbox2 that was ready to go. I use it in a very simple form, and from what I gather it will do a lot more.

This past Saturday, I finally decided to get to work with the Wordpress Thesis theme. I wanted to create a static front page and also have a blog section. The challenge arose with you guessed it duplicate titles and duplicate description fields.
Although I should be fair I do believe it had more to do with using the All-In-One-SEO wordpress plugin then anything to do with either Thesis or Wordpress. It took me almost 6 hours to get it setup, seems like no matter what I tried it just would not work.

This past week I’ve been playing with and setting up the Wordpress theme Thesis by Chris Pearson. I had read just about everywhere about the theme and how good it was SEO wise, so I thought I would check it out since I have a few blogs that use Wordpress vs Drupal. Not being able [...]

Has Social Media Killed SEO?

With many of the web sites out there today, you would certainly think so! I’m guessing here but it seems many have neglected this critical aspect of their web sites, blogs etc… or has social media made that totally irrelevant today?
Search engine optimization is not just for the robots it’s also your visitors that come to your site as well. With the explosion of blogs and content management systems, everyone has one today, I have my share of them.

Last night I ran into an issues with the latest 6.x.2.x-dev version of nice menus, yeah I know I should not be running a dev version on a live site. My site is not for commercial purposes, just a place to put my thoughts and notes on a variety of subjects.
After updating to the latest version, to my horror it was broken. I had incorporated the downdown menus from the Nice Menus horizontal children example, that was the look and function I wanted for this site as you can see above.

Exploring Drupal and all of the wonderful modules, does make things exciting. Although it is not always easy to find what you want without a little experimentation. Such was the case when it came to the template I had settled on for my site.
Since the theme is essentially a new – music type theme, I wanted to maintain that look, yet keeping it super simple. I had already installed the Advanced Frontpage module on one of my Drupal 6 sites, it was filled with static text.
Click on the images for larger view

This evening, while solving a duplicate content issue on a wordpress site it really made me stop and think about the possible impact of duplicate content that could arise within drupal. With everyone talking about carbon foot prints and the recent article by the Times Online discussing Googles carbon foot print from just 2 searches.

With Drupal there are so many modules out there finding just the right one makes it worth the adventure. One of the first ones that I found was the Similar Entries Module, later I found the Taxonews module.
Both of these modules offer something for a Drupal 6.x installation although Taxonews as this is being writen is still in the release candidate mode it appears to work very well.

Lets face it the Drupal’s default 404 page is just plain horrible. Not that it really looks bad, it’s just that it really does nothing for our visitors.
I wonder just how many of us give consideration to the error pages on our websites? I must admit, it was the last thing on my mind as well.
This weekend I had the time to sit down finally and catch up on Matt Cutts blog, you can often find golden nuggets of information there that you may not find anywhere else.

Starting last week, I was doing some research on drupal theming for version 6.x. While searching through the forum I ran across a post about conversions from a wordpress them to drupal.
I believe that by changing a theme we can really make it our own, yet even more important is the knowledge we learn about the system, the code, and much more about the cms system we are using.

Drupal Comment Spam Solutions

For having a little, out of the way drupal based blog, it was only a matter of time before the comment spammers located it. Of course I had already set up the site so that each comment had to be approved.
Now having to make your visitors have to wait before their comment is visible is really a pain it is something that unfortunately we have to do. I installed the Akismet module and had it running until one of the visitors to the site pointed out the problems it was having. So with that it went on the disabled list.

Finding the right modules for Drupal 6.x can sometimes be a challenge for those of us still transitioning from Wordpress. One of plugins I like for Wordpress is called "Yet Another Related Posts Plugin."
After quite a lot of searching and reading, I found what I was looking for in the Drupal Module called Similar Entries. There is a version for 6.X, 5.x and 4.7
One of my concerns with the Similar Entries Module for Drupal 6.x was it had not been updated since 2008-Apr-07. So Of course this brings up the question of will it work?

Today the third party module Addthis was released. I’ve had this module installed but did not use it due to a few issues that it had. One of the issues was, it would show up on all of the teasers.
When you looked at the blog of course it looked horrible with all the addthis blocks running down the page. So today when the update came out of course I downloaded and uploaded it to the site.
My hat is off to the maintainers of this module. The new features making the visibility in node links configurable gives me back the look and feel I was after.

Drupal 6.x Single User Blog

The blogging feature of Drupal is great if your building a community site. One of the things I have had taught to me is that, you should always do lots of research before committing to any form of content management system. This really should be done before your initial installation.

The more I use Drupal, the more I like it. While not an easy program to master, you can find ton’s of information on how to use it.
The only drawback I’ve found with any content management system is, having to login to write posts, pages or book pages.
I like the idea of using an external editor and I’ve tested quite a few of them. While all of them are quite good, when it comes to Drupal and using a Mac I’ve found Marsedit to be the best choice for me.

 Today I thought I would continue, sharing my years of knowledge or guess work; however, you want to put it.
When it comes to setting up a website whether it is static or database driven there are so many options and people willing to sell you tools to help you achieve higher rankings.
The question I often ask myself what is it that I really need, to achieve the desired results?

This 4th of July weekend, I spent probably close to 60+ hours trying to figure out an issue with a new wordpress 2.5.1 blog template. I had run into an issue with duplicate content after moving blog from and old style theme. The issue was the new template did not have a next – previous link to step through the blog.

This new wordpress template pulls into various sections, blog posts from various categories, really a sweet looking template. What sent me into a panic was when I looked at the indexing by google and discovered the issue of duplicate content.

 Making a move to Drupal and figuring out the many things that we take for granted with Wordpress has been challenging finding the right information.
With comment spam what it is today you just cannot allow un-moderated comments in your blog. Most of what I found doing a search on our favorite search engines really did not pull up the what I thought was relevant information.
Well maybe it is relevant, it just did not address the questions I needed the answer for. After doing some more digging I found a site that addressed this issue.

Drupal 301 Redirect

This weekend while working on one of my drupal sites – yeah I’m new to it and still learning just how to manipulate this content management system.
I needed to find out how to do a 301 redirect, a quick search on google turned up quite a few search results. As I went through them, I really became frustrated most of the advice and examples had me doing a 301 redirect by typing in code into the .htaccess file.

Which Computer For SEO Work?

I had an interesting discussion today about which computer to use when doing SEO work. I guess the question should really be which software do you need to run? This is what dictates which operating system to use.
Realistically speaking, I think there is way to much software out there today, which essentially does the same thing to a certain extent. Besides we should be writing for our website visitors and not for the search engines anyway right?

A few years ago I would have said yes, lately it seems that there are so many road blocks in the way. Everyone wants to generate their own leads and that is a plus, but are you going to ignore your business in the process? Almost all of the information that you see out there [...]