Auto-Dialers The Scourge Of the Internet Age

I love marketing, it is what brings products and service to people all around the world today. Yet, some individuals seem to believe that it is perfectly ok and legal to scrape phone numbers off of websites.

They then place these scraped phone numbers into a auto-dialer system and proceed to dial away. Each day I receive an ever increasing number of these types of calls, even to a number that is on the do-not-call list.

The majority of the people are using a software package called Scraper Pro to harvest these phone numbers off the internet.

While the internet and the search engines make it very easy for them to harvest this information, the internet also makes it very easy to report them as well via:

The website…

It is kind of funny that the same people doing this are also extremely upset when a telemarketer calls them to pitch a product…

…And yet they feel it is perfectly ok to for them to pitch their scam or ponzi scheme to you.

It’s nice that there is software that will convert your email address to block it from spam bots, it looks like we’ll need to find a solution for our telephone numbers as well from now on.