Awhile back my good friend Dan Williams wrote a blog post that I thought was right on the money. It was called the Network Marketing Rabbit-Trail.
In life we often find many things that pull us off the path, whether that path is success or other facets of our life. Do you often use the term, I’ll try this or do you commit yourself to getting what ever task you set out to do finished?

With the doom and gloom over the U.S. economy who is really to blame for it? With so many playing the blame game, is it really someone else’s fault. Or is it really our own fault.
One of the things that really stand out is the housing market, now how did we allow it to get this way? I truly believe that it really boils down to a lack of education and more specifically a financial education.

When it comes to customer – downline retention whose responsibility is it? A little over a year ago, I had a few downline members that launched a massive marketing program designed to bring in lots of people. Did it work you bet it did, and frankly I was unhappy.
Still to this day they talk about the great numbers they brought in. What they don’t talk about is that about 60% left within a month and upwards of 90% where gone in four months.

A few years ago I would have said yes, lately it seems that there are so many road blocks in the way. Everyone wants to generate their own leads and that is a plus, but are you going to ignore your business in the process?
Almost all of the information that you see out there today is based on yesterdays news. Even the latest tools to research the top pages are looking back into the past.
The internet while still a great resource, is becoming a questionable source of information. Often the most relevant information is suppressed because it is to relevant.

You have to love it.

Every now and then you find someone, generally with no experience that will advertise on someone’s name who is successful hoping beyond all hope that they’ll get just a trickle of traffic to there advertising offer.

In someways you have to kind of feel sorry for their total lack of experience, and naivety when it comes to marketing.

What it really shows is the rank amateurs out there participating in network marketing or any other business that really don’t understand their target market. With that said they will never become successful.

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