I had an interesting discussion today about which computer to use when doing SEO work. I guess the question should really be which software do you need to run? This is what dictates which operating system to use.
Realistically speaking, I think there is way to much software out there today, which essentially does the same thing to a certain extent. Besides we should be writing for our website visitors and not for the search engines anyway right?

Every year April 15th comes up! People are scrambling trying to find those last minute receipts and get all their paper work in order. I know, I always seem to be one of them myself. Each year I promise myself I’ll keep up with it all year long, as I’m sure that you do as well.

This has been an interesting turn of events, over the past few weeks I’ve had more people asking for help in creating authoritative web sites. In many ways I have to believe it’s true that they are seeking out the information that they are just not getting from the newest "Network Marketing Training" company.

Now what am I doing watching that? Well millions of people do, there everyone has incredible talent. Those that make it to the final round are the ones that take ownership of everything they do!
In what ever business we choose, we need to follow some of those same traits that the winners portray. They take ownership of the songs, they make them their own. How can you apply that to your business, can you do it with the same passion?

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